i hate when every little thing reminds you of someone and as soon as that thing appears you can’t help it you just break down and feel sad all over again

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tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)

name: sofia
age: 15
sexuality: straight
eye color:  green
height: 5’11


favourite season?: autumn 
favourite movie/s?: coraline
favourite album?:  el camino
favourite band?: young the giant, U2
favourite quote?: "it’s hard to beat a team that never gives up"
favourite shirt?: my neal shirsey

  • DO YOU

smoke?: ew no
drink?: not usually
write?: i have a journal but that’s about it
draw?: lol does doodling count
play an instrument?: piano and my vocal chords


your favourite place: the rocky mountains yee haw
your favourite memory: my first nhl game
your ideal partner: my boyfriend lmao
your bedroom: a green ceiling, blue and purple walls, a big chair in the corner where i can read and stuff, a bed with purses hanging off of the posts, a nightstand, a bookshelf, and a dresser

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make me chocolate milk and tell me i’m pretty
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Matt Duchene | Colorado Avalanche
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i love niall Horan with his blonde hair and blue eyes he make me do this
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“Beat that!" (x)
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